Name of the project:
The building of Ostrołęka C power plant with 1000 MW capacity along with cube, engineering and power grid facilities.

The place of the investment’s realization:
Rzekuń municipality – villages of Goworki and Ławy, and the Ostrołęka city (Mazowieckie Voivodeship).

1 unit x 1000 MW

Emission of CO2:
6 mln tons/year

The area of projected accession:
About 53 ha. Further 20 ha form a reserve for future development of the second unit with the same capacity.

Works connected with preparation of the area:
The investment requires macro alignment and deforestation in the area of about 20 ha.

The usage of fuel:
4,3 mln of hard coal per year - 12 000 tons every day. It means that coal will be transported to Ostrołęka every day by aprox. 6 trains consisting of 40 carriages each. There is possibility of common combustion of biomass with coal (up to 7,7 %) in the new unit.

Exploitation waste:
2 000 tons of ash are going to be produced every day. Another train, consisting of 40 carriages is going to be needed to export it. Burning waste consists of considerable amount of slag and plaster.

Circulation of cooling:
Closed, with hyperboidal icehouse which sends exhausts and warmth to the atmosphere.

The parameters of stack icehouse:
185,0 m (!), diameter of outside bowl - 145,0 m. Acoustic power of the icehouse up to 120 dB. Krańcowa Street in Rzekuń and Goworki is at risk of overrunning of noise norms.