Ostrołęka C has a full set of administrative decisions. They became final in 2010-2011 which is why they no longer give right to exploitation of the power plant in the time of new emission limits. What is more, the building and functioning of Ostrołęka C is a matter of disquiet among the local citizens, who are afraid of breaking emission standards and living in the shadow of a huge industrial facility.

Environmental decision
On 07.09.2010 the Mayor of the Rzekuń municipality issued a decision concerning environmental conditioning for the investment which means erecting the Ostrołęka C power plant with 1000 MW capacity according to the location variant III A and technological variant I. The decision became final on 15.11.2010.

Building permit
On 14.01.2011 district head in Ostrołęka issued a decision which approved the building project and the permission for erecting Ostrołęka C with 1000 MW capacity along with essential facilities (engineering, power grid) in Ława, Rzekuń municipality. The decision was issued for ENERGA Ostrołęka S.A. It became final on 14.04.2011.

This decision meant the approbation of transfer of permission to another subject – Ostrołęka Power Station S.A. The decision of the starost (district head) became final on 07.03.2012.

Geological agreements
The Minister for the Environment approved the project of geological works on 27.07.2010. He accepted the geological and engineering documentation which arranged geotechnical conditioning for the project “The building of Ostrołęka C Power Plant with 1000 MW capacity".

Integrated permit
The marshal of Mazowieckie Voivodeship permitted Ostrołęka S.A. to have installations to burn fuel with rated power up to 2 151 MWt, situated in Ławy, Rzekuń municipality.

Building tender
In December 2016 ENERGA SA and ENEA SA announced the tender to find the project’s general contractor. He will be committed to design, get necessary decisions with building permit, prepare the area, conduct the building works and get the decisions with building permit before transmitting to exploitation.

The invitation to the competitive dialogue over building the new unit with 1000 MW capacity has been given to five subjects. Searching for a project’s general contractor is in progress.