The company Power Plant Ostrołęka S.A in Ostrołęka was created in November 2009 as a Special Purpose Vehicle of ENERGA SA – one of the four biggest energy corporations in Poland. The aim of Ostrołęka SA is to prepare and carry out the project of building and exploitation of the Ostrołęka C power plant. At the beginning of December 2016, because of the scale of the investment and the necessity of sharing risk, ENERGA made an agreement with another Polish energy company – ENEA – to carry out the project together.

The Minister for Energy in PIS government, Krzysztof Tchórzewski, stated in December 2016 that half of the project’s costs estimated at 6 bln pln will be at the expense of an outside investor. According to the declaration of ENERGA, the model of funding of the investment is being prepared.

It must be stressed, that the project of building Ostrołęka C is not new. It was already abandoned in September 2012 due to lack of resources and huge investment risk.