Alternative to coal

Renewable energy sources (RES) are our stable and secure future. Wind and sun energy is inexhaustible, safe, free and available in Poland. Unlike coal, oil or uranium for nuclear power plants, we will not be forced to buy it from foreign companies, so Poland will become energetically independent. Coal-fired power plants belong to governments and corporations, RES energy is produced by ordinary people. The future of energy lies in prosumers, local groups and energy partners and RES-based small power plants that belong to the local community. Residents produce electricity and heat together, they are independent and resistant to rising fuel prices. Thanks to energy democracy they gain control over energy production, health, safety and independence.

Good practices

Brzeziny (Lodzkie voivodeship) wants to be the first energy independent city in Poland – they want to disconnect from the corporate energy grid within a few years. Electricity for the city will be provided from RES: solar farm, wind turbine with vertical axis of rotation and investment in energy efficiency, and will be distributed through its own network. Streets will be illuminated by the intelligent LED system and electric charging stations will appear in the city.

The Kisielice Municipality produces most of the energy from renewable sources. Residents and authorities work together to reduce pollution, grow energy independence and local economic development. Kisielice invests in wind and solar energy and uses biomass to produce heat and electricity. In 2014, the European Commission appreciated the cooperation of residents and authorities, awarding the city a prestigious prize in a pan-European competition for an outstanding sustainable energy project.

Renewables for Kurpie

In order to ensure energy security it is of utmost importance to use the potential of renewable energy sources in Mazovia and increase their share in the production of electricity and heat. According to the energy and climate package, the target set for Poland for the RES share in the country's energy balance is 15% by 2020. Among other things, Mazovia is guaranteed over PLN 1.3 billion in Mazovia Regional Operational Program. More information on the possibilities of supporting energy efficiency in Mazovia is available at www.funduszedlamazowsza.eu.