Trade union Synergia filed a lawsuit against Enea for revoking the directional consent for the construction of Ostrołęka C power plant. Trade unionists had been criticising the project for several months as unprofitable and politically driven, and they had presented their concerns directly to Minister Tchórzewski.

The Intercompany Trade Union Synergia filed a lawsuit for annulment of the resolution on granting directional consent to commence the construction of the Ostrołęka C project, which was adopted by the Extraordinary General Meeting of Enea on 24 September. Synergia had been criticising the project for months. In September 2018, prior to the Extraordinary General Assembly of Enea, Synergia proposed to other unions an appeal to Enea’s largest shareholder – the State - addressed directly to Minister for Energy Tchórzewski, in which it expressed "deep concern for the future fate of the Group Enea" and "calls for a thorough analysis of the [Ostroleka C] project and making a reasonable, and above all safe decision for the Group". The trade unions cite criticism of the project prevailing in the trade press, call Ostrołęka C an unprofitable and unjustified undertaking and point out that "the Company has not presented the Shareholders with any rational, including financial, arguments for the Company to finance the construction in question, despite such an obligation". Synergia openly writes that it is of the opinion that the construction of the Ostroleka C power plant is only an attempt to fulfil Tchórzewski's pre-election promises at the expense of jobs in other plants of the Group.

It is noteworthy that Synergia is aware of Poland's responsibility to combat climate change and to protect health and the environment:

We share the opinion that the country's energy security is an important issue, but in Europe, the exploitation and even more so the construction of coal-fired power units are being abandoned. Probably one of the most important reasons are the global efforts to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases generated in the production of energy from fossil fuels. Growing expectations towards our country in this respect, which has a direct impact on the rising prices of CO2 emissions, are already having a very unfavourable effect on our Group's financial results. Maybe it is worth focusing on other innovative projects that will contribute to the improvement of environmental conditions for future generations, as well as allow for long-term development of the local labour market? It should also be noted that due to issues related to air pollution and health aspects, this investment does not enjoy much support from the local community.

Despite the fact that Synergia considered the project to be "extremely controversial", it did not receive the support of other trade unions in September. They argued, among other things, that "it does not make sense, after all, everything is already signed" and were afraid of the appeal to the minister being perceived as politically motivated. Synergia dispels these doubts in a letter dated 21 September:

As a social side, we look with concern at the implementation of projects which have no business or economic justification, and which probably directly affect our employer (see e.g. share price) and our workplaces - we read. - Our involvement in the construction of the unit must take place with the use of external financing, which is a very risky activity for the Group, and everyone in the Group knows about it - probably also those who represent the crew as trade union authorities. Financial institutions inform about the resignation from financing this sick idea, which only confirms the concerns of the industry.

Will they burn us down? - asks Synergia and strongly criticizes the political motivation for the construction of Ostrołęka C:

Unfortunately, in our Group, business has always lost with politics, competence with agreements, and reason and responsibility with personal concerns for position and power. (...) Synergia is apolitical, but it does not mean that it is blind and deaf and does not see the direction in which the Group is heading. (...) Energy security is an important issue. In Europe, however, we are moving away from coal-fired power units, we have to fulfill the obligation to use renewable energy sources, we are in debts up to our eyes, and in our opinion, we should focus primarily on safeguarding the interests of the Company, because this directly translates into the safety of our jobs.

Synergia is a trade union operating in 7 companies of the Enea Group: Enea S.A., Enea Trading, Enea Centrum, Enea Oświetlenie, Enea Operator, Enea Serwis and Enea Logistics. It is not connected to any political party .

This is another lawsuit against the resolution adopted by the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Enea. On 29 October 2018 ClientEarth Foundation informed that it sued the extension of the Ostrołęka C power plant due to climate risks.

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