What are the reasons why Ostrołęka C should not be built?

Every coal-fired power plant, including the newest and most modern, pollutes the environment and negatively impacts human health. Such power plants are major source of particular matter, Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides – invisible but deadly substances. Although the power plant would be built in the Rzekuń municipality, its impact would cover neighboring voivodships as emissions can travel hundreds kilometers. According to experts on human health, the pollution generated by Ostrołęka C could cause approx. 900 premature deaths and over 1 300 cases of bronchitis and 50 000 asthma attacks in children.

Meanwhile the investors keep hiding the real impacts of the Ostrołęka C power plant on air quality and health. Analysis of their documents revealed that the integrated permit lacks information on emissions of heavy metals and particular matter PM 2.5. The power plan does not meet the newest standards of Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides emissions for such facilities. Taking into consideration its significant threat to human health and its lack of profitability unless public aid is provided (which means our tax money), we need to question soundness of building this power plant.

Is coal worth putting our health and lives at risk as we do have another choice: we can generate clean energy from renewable sources? It is up to us what future we choose for Poland and Kurpie: years in the shadow of huge coal power plant or sustainable development, energy safety and high quality of life in clean environment.

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