We organise a press briefing to present the latest reports which evidence irrational character of the planned construction of Ostrołęka C power plant.

The reports were developed by scholars and professionals of the power industry, including prof. dr hab. inż. Jan Popczyk – one of the authors of the Polish power industry transformation. At the briefing, various issues will be discussed: immense costs and non-profitability of the investment, regulatory problems, lost chances for a real social and economic development of the region and for a power industry based on power usage effectiveness and renewable energy. This is a clear signal for stockholders of Energa and Enea companies that investing in Ostrołęka C is irrational in business terms.

Date: 11th April 2018 (Wednesday), at 12.30
Place: Foksal Press Centre in Warsaw, hall B.

Briefing agenda:

  • Presentation of the report entitled "Analysis of risks and lost opportunities in relation to construction of Ostrołęka C power bloc (1000 MW class)" ("Analiza ryzyk i utraconych szans związanych z budową bloku Ostrołęka C (klasy 1000 MW)") by Jan Popczyk and Krzysztof Bodzek of the Silesian University of Technology
  • Presentation of the report entitled "Ostrołęka C, a history of the project or why should the project become history" ("Ostrołęka C, historia projektu, czyli dlaczego projekt powinien przejść do historii") by Michał Hetmański and Filip Piasecki of Instrat Foundation.

Main conclusions of the reports:

  1. The actual costs of construction of Ostrołęki C are significantly underestimated, e.g. in the case of exhaust fumes treatment installation the difference exceeds half a billion PLN.
  2. The power market for Ostrołęka C does not guarantee funding. British experience shows that power mechanisms are the most profitable for existing units which support new and large investments.
  3. Ostrołęka C power plant hampers or even blocks potential investment in renewable sources of energy and related services in Ostrołęka region.
  4. Alternative investments in distributed renewable sources would contribute to new employment more than 45% higher than in the case of the total employment at operating the new bloc and coal mining for its purposes. If the coal is imported - employment related to renewable energy generation would be 1,200% higher.
  5. Prices of power generated at Ostrołęka C power plant will be higher than prices of power from renewable sources. With the time passing, this proportion will change to the advantage of renewable sources with development of this sector and rising costs of CO2 emissions allowances.

"Ostrołęka C power plant is an entirely irrational project in the context of the global transformation of the power industry. It will also damage chances for the real development of this region" - says prof. Jan Popczyk of the Silesian University of Technology.

The organisers and the authors of the report welcome everybody to the briefing.

Contact persons:
Radosław Ślusarczyk, Workshop for All Beings Organization, tel. 660 538 329; e-mail: suchy@pracownia.org.pl
Robert Wawręty, Society for Earth, tel. 508 585 130, e-mail: robert@tnz.most.org.pl

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