Professor Jan Popczyk from the Silesian University of Technology ads his voice of harsh critique of the plan to build the Ostrołęka C power station. In an interview given to the Polish Press Agency (PAP) the scientist pointed out that this power station will not improve the situation of the inhabitants of the region in terms of access to electricity. Its construction means wasted money that are going to become "stranded assets" and will never be returned due to the changes in the law or the energy industry.

"If this power plant is ever to be built, we must take into consideration that it will work up to 4 thousand hours per year, its lifespan being 60-70 years. At the same time the energy price of photovoltaics is shaped around 2 cents for kWh. We are investing in an obsolete technology that will hinder our development up to 2080, or even the year 2090" the scientist says.

Professor Popczyk is one of the authors of an analysis which compares the benefits of building a new unit in Ostrołęka (C) and those resulting from investments in renewable sources of energy.

"The results are devastating for the Ostrołęka C power plant. The citizens of Ostrołęka and the County will not earn anything, on the contrary - they will lose. Building a 1000 MW unit will block any development of renewables and prosumer energy across the country. Those are also huge losses " the professor concludes.

Dr. Eng. Wojciech Myślecki, the Chairman of the modern technology at the NBCR and former member of the Supervisory Board of ENERGA Wytwarzanie, the owner of the Ostrołęka C power plant project, also expressed harsh criticism about the project. As we wrote on our portal, the expert warns that it is neither profitable nor justified.

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