On December 28, 2017, one year after the establishment of the special purpose vehicle Elektrownia Ostrołęka C, a call to tender for the construction of the new power plant in Ostrołęka was opened. The project contractor the consortium of Polimex-Mostostal and Rafako has estimated the cost of the construction of a 1,000 MWe coal-fired power plant in Ostrołęka at PLN 9,591 billion. It is twice as much as the investor has assumed - Energa and Enea valued the task at PLN 4.803 billion.

In addition to the consortium with Polimex, the tender offer for the construction of the Ostrołęka C coal power plant was submitted by the China Power Engineering Consulting Group for PLN 4.849 billion and the GE Power consortium, Alstom Power Systems S.A.S. for the amount of PLN 6.023 billion. Two entities invited to submit bids did not present their price proposal at all.

The deadline for selecting an investment contractor is not yet known.

Analysis of the price offer proposed by the consortium of Polimex-Mostostal and Rafako shows that the construction of the new coal-fired power plant in Ostrołęka will be associated with huge, significantly higher-than-expected costs.

Meanwhile, experts have no doubt that the construction project of Ostrołęka C is unprofitable. It is worth noting that during the panel "Energy and coal - what is the future", at the October Energy Congress in Wrocław, dr inż. Wojciech Myślecki, chairman of the modern power generation technologies team at the National Center for Research and Development said that the planned 1,000 MW unit in Ostroleka will never close financially and is a big mistake.

Such threats were also noticed by the management of ENERGA at that time. In September 2012, they put the construction project of the Ostrołęka C power plant on hold due to lack of resources and its huge investment risk. In 2014, the Group wrote in the statement issued that the implementation of this project would be in contradiction with prudent business risk management and that the suspension of the project did not affect the energy security of the country.

After the change of the government, the project was restored.

"Investing huge amount of money in the development of a coal-based energy system is an anachronism and missing out on another chance for Poland's energy transformation. What's worse, financing old technologies will be at the expense of people's health, including the inhabitants of Ostrołęka because every, even the most modern coal-fired power plant, pollutes the environment and poisons the air we breathe " - says Radosław Ślusarczyk from Pracownia na rzecz Wszystkich Istot.

Unprofitability and lack of financing are not the only problems of this power plant. Since July 2017 new and stricter emission standards for pollutants from large combustion installations have been in force. Also, the Ostrołęka C Power Plant will have to meet the standards resulting from the IED Directive and the BAT conclusions. This means that environmental permits issued to the power plant is not valid and must be updated.

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